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TOPSoccer Announcement
Expiration Date: 9/25/2013
May 8 was an exciting day today - the final soccer game of the

season for the Hershey Middle School Trojans, who took on the

Palmyra Cougars.

And a landmark - highlight - the best special day ever for our

TOPSoccer player Thomas!

As the JV game was about to begin, the storms that had been

promised started to move in, with drizzle to emphasize the point.  

With thunder booming in the background, the decision was quickly

made to cancel the game, the outcome to be decided by just one

penalty kick for each team.  

The JV Hershey Middle School Coach announces, "And Thomas will

take the kick!"

The ball is placed, Thomas moves into position, takes the shot, and

it sails into the upper left corner over the diving goalie's

outstretched arms.  Gooooooal !!

The Palmyra kick also goes in, so thanks to Thomas the JV Trojans

finish an outstanding season at 7-1-2.

What a day, What a game, What a Goooooallllll for Thomas and our

TOPSoccer! Thomas didn't start enjoying soccer 9 years ago when

he first joined us....He grew to love it through every outdoor ,

indoor and camp he has attended during those years.

From a boy who was afraid of the grass to a JV Middle School

Soccer Player!! We couldn't be more proud of Thomas and his

family !!

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