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Coppa Classico Great Event - Low Cost!
Visit Central PA to play in a quality soccer tournament without the high cost of playing and the travel and hotel stay requirements.   This Columbus Day weekend tournament is for all teams and levels of competiti.. details

LDC Warriors Advance to Coppa Final
U12 LDC Warriors advanced to the final of the Coppa Classico on October 11-12. The boys went undefeated in bracket play on Saturday outscoring their opponents 11-3. In Sunday’s final the boys were defeated by NUU S.. details

U13 LDC Stormrunners win Battle at Hilltop
U13 Stormrunners went undefeated in their first tournament of the year to win the Premier Division Championship at the Battle at Hilltop tournament.   The boys outscored their competition 10-2 in bracket play before he.. details

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